Monday, March 2, 2009

1 month update

It has been 1 month since Jeff's fall. I visited him yesterday. Sadly, Jeff hasn't made any major progress in his brain activity. He remains in ICU in his deep coma, unresponsive. The doctors and nurses have stabilized his condition to the point where he is no longer on the ventilator. But while he is breathing on his own, he is being fed via a feeding tube directly into his stomach and his breathing is labored, assisted by the tracheotomy tubes.

I wish I could report better news, but I honestly cannot. Jeff's body is as limp as any of ours would be after not moving at all for a month's time. His body movements are limited to the mechanical rhythms of the unique hospital bed that shifts his body position for him, his reflexive breathing, coughing, tongue shifts, and occasional eye fluttering underneath his closed eyelids. I am so sorry to write that after a month of visiting Jeff, hoping for the best, seeing little positive signs, talking to doctors and nurses, my personal optimism for Jeff's recovery has dimmed. Barbara and Stephanie are with Jeff today at the hospital talking once again to the neuro doctors. I'll post another update when I can.


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