Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Its all over now...

Jeffrey Jeru Bayly - May He Rest in Peace
December 20, 1954 - April 7, 2009

Jeffrey passed from this world into another tonight. Barbara was by his bedside. We'll be holding a memorial service in his honor, most likely on Sunday April 19. We'll get the word out here and by phone once arrangements are made. It goes without saying that if you want to attend, you will be welcomed. Thank you to all of you who wrote and called and sent Barbara and Jeffrey prayers of hope and love. It meant so much to everyone.

"They built the Titanic to be one of a kind,
but many ships have ruled the seas
They built the Eiffel tower to stand alone,
but they could build another, if they pleased
The Taj Mahal, the pyramids of Egypt are unique, I suppose,
but when the built you brother, they broke the mold.

The world is filled with many wonders
under the passing sun
But sometimes something comes along
and you know, it's for sure the only one
The Mona Lisa, the David, the Sistine Chapel,
Jesus, Mary and Joe
and when they built you brother, they broke the mold

When they built you brother
they turned this dust to gold
When they built you brother
they broke the mold

They say you can't take it with you
but I think that they're wrong
All I know's I woke up this morning
and something big was gone
Gone in to that dark ether
Where you're still young n' hard and cold
Just like when they built you brother
and broke the mold

Now your death is upon us
And we'll return your ashes to the Earth
And I know you'll take comfort in knowin'
You've been roundly blessed and cursed
But love is a power
Greater than death
Just like the songs and stories told
And when she built you brother
She broke the mold..." - Bruce Springsteen


  1. Jeff,
    May you ride in peace for all eternity. You will be missed by all your brothers and sisters at Wine Warehouse.
    -Lou Chui

  2. Barbara,
    My thoughts and prayers are with you. I'm so sorry about Jeff.
    Love and hugs,
    Becky Thomas

  3. Barbara, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Jeff was a good man and we will miss him.

    God Bless

    All of us from Wades Wines

  4. Barbara,I'm so very sorry to hear about Jeff. He was a sweetie and I will miss seeing him in the salon every 6 weeks.........My thoughts and prayers to you Stephanie and Alex.

    Mary (A Polished Image)

  5. I am so saddened by this news. Jeff, know that you changed the lives of all who knew you for the better. Rest in peace until we can all see you again in a better place.

  6. Barbara and family, We are so sorry for your loss. Jeff will be missed by so many. May your memories of him help you through this difficult time. Rest in peace Jeff.
    Debbie and Rich Flittner

  7. Barbara,

    I prayed for you and Jeff during the season of Lent. Today is Easter Sunday a very peaceful day. I hope you are at peace with God's decision. May Jeff rest in peace at the side of the Lord.

    Sympathy hugs to you, Stephanie and Alex.

    Kim DeVetis

  8. God Bless you and your family Barbara. may Jeff rest in Peace.

  9. Debbie with Young's MarketApril 14, 2009 at 5:59 PM

    Rest in peace Jeff, my deepest sympathies to the family and friends who knew him much better than I, but I respected and admired him within the industry...you'll be missed