Saturday, February 7, 2009

Condition Update 2

Jeff made the first small positive signs I have seen in his condition since the accident. Jeff was asked to move his thumbs throughout the day by various people, including Barbara, Stephanie, his attending nurse Julie, and myself. On three of these occasions, he visibly moved his thumb and, in my case, lightly squeezed my hand. This happened mid day for both Barbara and the nurse and around 5 PM in my case. Otherwise, Jeff showed no voluntary signs of body movement or major changes throughout the rest of the day. His scars continue to heal and his swelling decreased a little bit. Jeff is absorbing his food through the feeding tube but his body is still running a fever.


  1. While I was visiting Jeff along with Seth I was holding Jeff's right hand and he squeezed my hand with his index finger and thumb two times. I don't know if it was merely a reflex or if it was intended. I hope the latter. Linda (Rush)

  2. Jeff is a great man and an inspiration to be around. My prayer group has kept him in our prayers since we heard of the accident.