Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sometimes it's the little things

Greetings from Jeff's room. Jeffrey is once again able to move his
thumbs and squeeze our hand on request. That movement is sporadic.
It only occurs once in a while. Still, it's a sign.

Dr Kumar, pulmonary specialist was just in. He said that Jeff has
improved to the point where he should be getting a smaller breathing
tube. They'll give Jeff a tracheotomy and that will help him breathe

Also, Barbara reviewed a new ct scan with Dr Chan. He said that there
have been no additional strokes. And the thalamus might not be
affected - the earlier stroke was next to it not directly on it.

Other than the little signs of thumb and hand movement, Jeff's
condition remains similar.



  1. My husband {Jack} and I have known Jeff {& Barbara} for over 15 years now and just heard about this a few days ago. We are both vert saddened by the news, however, we also have a strong faith that God can heal Jeff completely and continue to pray for him every day.

    May the Lord strengthen this family during this difficult time. ALthough it is a consisdered a cliche - if there is ANYTHING we can do please let us know.

    Jack & Becky

  2. Hi Jeff, I am the sister of Patty Weigand and i just wanted you to know that you are in my prayers daily and i pray for your recovery. We actually met a couple of times.Once was at Patty and Jon's wedding you were the best man and i the maid of honor. Along time ago i know but hope to see you again on my next visit to the coast. God Bless you Jeff.
    Love Janet Grissom

  3. Jeff, First I am incredulous that this has happened.I wish someone had told me but we weren't on exactly speaking terms the last time we saw each other. It probably wouldn't have mattered. You are in spirit now and in a better place than we are. Am I the only one that has noted that you had a similar fatal head injury as your cousin Kris?
    You know for a fact that I have always loved Kris. I tell you now that I love you just the same. I feel ashamed now of how I might have treated you in childish ways.
    I know you can hear me, for Kris does and where he is you will eventually find. Our prayers will lift your Soul up.
    That time we were at the ZZ Top/Eagles concert kicked major butt. When I tagged along with you to see Uncle Harry and Dorothey in Ridgecrest and listened to the D.J. play Aerosmith songs back to back was a pivital point in my life. Thank You.
    God bless you and your family.