Saturday, February 14, 2009

Condition Update

Sorry to report that there are no major changes in Jeff's condition.
His new feeding tube is providing him nourishment without signs of
infection. His ventilator is in a more modest assist mode as his
breathing improves. But Jeff was unresponsive on Friday and remains in
his ICU bed.


  1. I just learned about Jeff's accident. I know Jeff from The Magical Kitchen and Baja Grill/Wood Ranch Bistro where I am a chef. My prayers go to him and his family to have strengh and hope. Kathy McDaniel

  2. I have all the faith that you will pull through this. Be strong Jeff. Know that Barbara, Steph, and Alex are all praying for you day and night. You're family want's you home, and they're going to get it! You hang in there my have much more in life to fulfill...


  3. I was so shocked to hear what has happened to Jeff. I think of him every day and hope that he will start to show signs of improvement. He is such a nice bloke I miss not seeing him and catching up on the news.

    Thankyou to you Seth for you up dates and this web page. Say Hi to Jeff from me Jane at Barton's in Simi Valley